DENSIQ supplies a complete range of Repairing and Protective Composites for all industries and for most applications.

In the Repair area, equipment can be repaired onsite or in a workshop, e.g. pumps, shafts, flanges, conveyors, agitators, pipe systems, etc. The Protect area offers product solutions that can provide improved protective properties even in comparison to new equipment, e.g. tank farms, pumps, embankments, agitators, pipe systems, wear surfaces in most industries, e.g. conveyor belts, etc.
As an example, a pump housing can first be repaired and restored and then protected with a special coating with improving properties.

Repairing and protecting with DENSIQ Composites has many advantages and means that:

  • Saves money – Avoids new investments.
  • Is environmentally friendly – Existing equipment can be reused.
  • Saves time – Equipment can be repaired quickly.
  • Gets longer operating time as the equipment can last longer.

The concept within Repairing and Protective composites covers:

  • Examination of applications and problem areas
  • Engineering – problem solving
  • Product range
  • Product solution
  • Installation of DENSIQ Service or DENSIQ Service Partners
  • Documentation – product, technology, installation
  • Training
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