One of the major causes of leakage in a flange joint is inadequate lubrication of the bolted joint. DENSIQ supplies environmentally-friendly lubricants and high quality thread sealants.

For the best results when assembling DENSIQ’s packings and gaskets, we recommend DENSIQ EcoLube for general industrial uses and DENSIQ EcoLube IQ as the first EcoLabel-approved thread sealant on the market.


DENSIQ EcoLube graphite paste is a lubricant manufactured from graphite flakes with very high purity in combination with a petroleum-based carrier.
Makes things easier during flange assembly and gives the gasket the right conditions for optimal performance.


DENSIQ EcoLube IQ is our most environmentally friendly thread lubricant and is approved by EU EcoLabel. The EcoLabel brand means that every aspect of the lubricant has been checked from a life cycle perspective and a holistic view in order to ensure that DENSIQ EcoLube IQ has the lowest possible environmental impact.

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