Safe operation with DENSIQ Expansion Joint Concept!

In tough industrial environments, compensators last for around ten years. The fact that Lillesjöverket in Uddevalla was approaching the breaking point worried the cogeneration plant’s maintenance department. With DENSIQ’s overall solution Expansion Joint Concept, Uddevalla Kraft received an actionable plan to take control of all compensators in the business.

A damaged compensator can cause major problems. In a facility like Lillesjöverket, which supplies the Uddevalla region with heat and electricity using combustible household waste, great forces are in motion.

“Leakage can cause serious damage. The worst case scenario is personal injury and accidents. Involuntary stops can also cause concern and, in a larger perspective, leakage can lead to fire or environmental destruction,” emphasizes Roger Bengtsson, Senior Product Manager – DENSIQ AB.