Hydraulic bolt tensioning

A safer method for preloading bolted joints

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is a method for guaranteeing that the bolts in a bolted joint are correctly and uniformly tensioned, which is a prerequisite for the bolted joint to function optimally.

With our comprehensive range of hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment and well trained personnel, we can offer total solutions for both “on-shore” and “off-shore” – from design to implementation and documentation.

This is how bolt tensioning works

The bolt tensioner is fitted above the bolt and the nut and tightens the bolt until it reaches the right tensile force or extension. To attain the right tensile force, a calculation program is used in which the relevant technical data has been entered. We always aim for 50% coverage of the number of bolts in each tensioning sequence.

For reasons of quality and safety, all sealing work is performed by certified technicians.

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