Lengthens the useful life of all types of pipe – during operation.

Reinforcement of all types of pipes

Wrapping means that the weakest section of the tube is provided with a special fabric impregnated with a compound, which is activated by water before curing. Curing takes approx. 30 min and afterwards the pipe has been given a permanent reinforcement and can be considered to be as good as “new”.

This patented technology is ideal for all applications such as, for example, underwater pipes, corrosion damaged pipelines, reinforcement, piling, protection and for electrical insulation. The product withstands high pressure and temperatures up to +149°C.

The wrapping method can be used for all types of repairs and the reinforcement is not damaged if it comes into contact with, for example, chemicals, gas, oil or diesel.
For reasons of quality and safety, all sealing work is performed by certified technicians.

Advantages of Wrapping

✓ The repaired area is stronger than the original pipe
✓ External corrosion is stopped
✓ Safe, toxic-free, non-combustible, odourless
✓ Suits most applications, even with irregular geometry
✓ Unaffected by high temperatures
✓ Cost effective
✓ Short response time
✓ Can be used on wet surfaces

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