Stuffing box packings

DENSIQ supplies a complete range of stuffing box packings to all types of industry and to industrial applications such as, for example, valves, agitators and pumps. A stuffed box packing is built up from braided fibres, of various designs and component materials, to suit various applications.

DENSIQ’s comprehensive range of stuffing box packings consists of different materials.

DENSIQ Carboflon – Carbon fibre/Expanded graphite

For high temperatures, abrasive applications typical for paper mills.
(Garlock 98, Carboflon 350, Specma 101)

For high temperatures and applications where the sealing requirements are high. Best used in combination with carbon fibre products.
(Grafex 100)


For applications with requirements for high chemical resistance as well as for applications with foodstuffs. Best used as braid on the box bottom.
(Chempac 2006 Hard, Chempac Soft FDA)
PTFE Graphite-filled
Universal packing for pumps, withstands aggressive media.
(Specma 99, Chempac 2003)

DENSIQ FiberPac – Fibre

Glass, polyethene and acrylic fibres, universal packings for various uses.
(Wearpac, Bluepac, Chempac White 1404)

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